Selectorised Strength Equipment


Exigo’s selectorized machines combine attractive, innovative design with outstanding quality and performance.

The incremental weight options provide resistance increases and numerous load options. Selectorized machines are often used as a convenient alternative to free weight equipment, such as dumbbells and barbells. They successfully isolate muscles and provide resistance in a fixed plane of motion, in a safe and efficient manner.



Plate Loaded Strength Equipment


Renowned for our superior biomechanics, Exigo offers a huge range of unrivalled plate loaded machines, covering all aspects of upper body, lower body and ground based training.

Our Plate Loaded range is user friendly and accommodates users of any size. These superior machines meet the needs of both gym novices and elite athletes. Ideal for commercial gyms and strength training facility’s.



Benches and Racks Strength Equipment


Combining stylish ergonomic designs with precision engineered components, our Benches & Racks feature appropriate support for comfortable and efficient workouts.

Exigo’S Benches and Racks range offers an extensive product line up of performance strength training stations including: Olympic Stations; Olympic Benches; Adjustable Benches; Training Stations, a professional range of Power Racks, which now feature a selection of functional training attachments and a range of storage solutions.



Elite Racks Racks Strength Equipment


Our state of the art Elite Olympic Racks and Lifting Platforms provide dedicated stations for Olympic weight lifting. Our market leading range of Power Racks, Multi Racks and Half Racks can be customised and configured to suit your environment and specific needs.



Elite Racks Racks Strength Equipment


Exigo isn’t only a leading manufacturer of strength and functional equipment, we also manufacture an elite range of Conditioning equipment essential to developing a complete athlete.


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