Gym Design

As the fitness industry becomes bigger and more saturated, having a unique strategy to deliver outstanding and striking designs within your gym is crucial to ensure customer attraction.

We work alongside all of our clients to turn plans and ideas into viable projects. We love to collaborate and co-create!

We support our customers throughout their entire gym design journey, from their initial thoughts to the finished project. We work tirelessly to understand how we can best deliver their vision and ensure each and every one receives an unrivalled service.

Our state of the art software can take a 2D plan and visualise it as a real-life replica in 3D, complete with gym equipment selections, colour schemes, branding and corporate identity.

We constantly strive to enhance our products, monitor fitness trends and patterns, with the aim of maintaining our position at the forefront of the fitness manufacturing sector.


Is Gym Design Important?

At Exigo we understand that the right design will not only revolutionise your appeal but also your revenue potential. The design of your facility needs to suit everyone. Your members, customers, staff and trainers. A well planned design ensures everyone operates safely and efficiently.

Plan Ahead

Effective gyms will separate their equipment into specific zones. For example, commercial gyms will focus on catering for everyone, creating the perfect balance between functional training, resistance training, free weight training and cardio training. Our team of experts will work by your side in aim of creating an effective, efficient and safe training facility to suit your environments space and needs.

Functional Gym Design

Exigo are experts in functional training equipment and functional design.

The idea behind functional training is to not only enhance athletic performance but to replicate the movements and actions of everyday life, helping to improve them in regards to balance, strength, technique, composure and execution.

Functional training equipment areas are becoming increasingly popular within the modern gym. The nature of functional training allows for dynamic and endless training opportunities. A professionally designed functional training area can propel your facility to a whole new level.


Here at Exigo we pride ourselves on being able to offer a unique service with a comprehensive variety of customisation options.

Help us understand your plans; we will guide you step by step through your gym design. We will help you achieve your business goals, meet your equipment and budget requirements.

Following initial stages we will create professionally rendered visualisations to bring any ideas you have to life.


Our team of highly trained engineers know our product offering inside out as we are one of the few companies in the gym market that both manufacture and install our own ranges. Why not opt for a fast, efficient and cost effective installation by the experts?



Exigo is committed to helping our customers secure the best finance options available


Our expert team will be happy to help and guide you every step of the way

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